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What is the Loan Process?

This article will help in the understanding of how the student loan process works. Who are involved, the implications of signing a promissory note; which is your contract to borrow or repay and how you will receive your money.

“Who are the lenders? What are the services provided? What role does the federal government play in the student loan process?

Lenders Who Finance Education
Most schools often provide a list of companies and institutions that lends money to finance a students education. This resource will assist you in finding lenders to work with according to your individual needs. 

Who might lenders of college student loans be?
· A school
· An insurance company
· A pension fund
· A credit union
· A bank
· A savings and loan association
· A consumer finance company
· The federal government

Lenders own loans and receive borrowed payments. Lenders frequently sell their loans to other parties. If this happens you will be notified who the new owners are without any rate changes.

Student Loan Application Planning
 Gather SS# and Birth or Adoption Certificate
Gather School Tuition and Materials Info
Read Loan, Grant and Refinancing Tips and Apply Here

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